Personalized Office Snack Delivery

Delicious and Healthy Snacks Chosen by Your Team


Every Workplace Should Have Great Snacks

It's proven that having easy access to healthy snacks makes for happier and more productive employees. Everybody wants this, but sometimes it can be time consuming and costly to manage. That is where we come in.

We provide the only personalized office snack delivery system available, where we empower your employees to vote for the snacks that we deliver. We have affordable subscription plans that can fit any budget (starting at less than $9 per day) and team size.

Amazing Snacks
We're not kidding. These are some delicious and nutritious snacks!

We curate a catalog of healthy, unique, and delicious snacks and we are constantly adding new items and rotating the selections.

You can check out our video taste tests of new items so you can get an idea of what to expect if you haven't tried a particular snack before.

Cast Your Vote
Empower your team to choose their snacks!

If you have ever tried buying snacks for your office then you know how hard it is to satisfy individual taste preferences. Well, we have figured out the secret formula to make everyone happy.

Each month we send your team a survey so they can vote on their favorite snacks from our catalog. It takes just a few minutes and makes them feel valued. Once the votes are collected, our proprietary algorithms determine the best snack assortment for your office.

Speedy Delivery
Yes, we do our hometown deliveries on a Segway.

After we have calcuated the perfect snacks for your team, we deliver them right on schedule. Everything comes in one box. All you do is unpack in the the beautiful wooden snack display that we provide with your first delivery.

Delivery is FREE for all customers in the mainland USA!

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