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3 Steps to Bridge the Disconnect in Company Culture

Disconnect. Everyone’s talking about it. Are you disconnected from the millennial talent you work so hard to attract? Are your employees disconnected from the vision that you cast as their company’s leadership? Are you and your team on the same page about what contributes to an inviting workplace?

Communicate Personally & Frequently!

A study from West’s Health Advocate Solutions revealed that employees prefer to discuss workplace perks in person. Team members appreciate the convenience of digital communications, but they want face-to-face interaction.

Infrequent communication causes employees to feel disconnected from the company culture.

Share Memorable Experiences!

Team members want to connect with the company culture through memorable experiences. This is not a demand for company trips or after-work happy hours. It is as simple as a shared smile or laugh over a conversation.

HelpSocial, one of our snack-delivery customers, recently shared the following with us: “The SnackDot deliveries are an experience! Each new box turns into a fun conversation about the changing taste preferences on our team.”

It is important to look for small ways that the team can make meaningful connections to the company culture.

Empower your Employees!

As observed in the Health Advocate Solutions study, employees want the power to choose! Employee empowerment should be a central tenet of any initiative that seeks to benefit employees. This can look like offering choices to your team, regarding many different types of benefits and workplace perks. At SnackDot, we empower employees by giving them control of their office’s snack selection.

Give your employees the power to influence the decisions that shape their work environment, and do so in a way that allows you and your team to remain focused on the tasks that create value for your company.

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