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Awake Caffeinated Granola Bars

Earlier this week, we were able to speak with Matt Schnarr, one of the founders of AWAKE Granola. The unique caffeinated granola bars they offer have been a fan favorite and we are happy to feature them as our May Snack of the Month! Check out what Matt said about AWAKE in this #SOTM feature.

What inspired you to start AWAKE?

Myself and my two partners had worked in the industry for at least 10 years each. We saw the growth in caffeinated products but also understood that people really did not like the taste. We believed that if given the choice, consumers would prefer something that not only energized them but tasted delicious. Fuelled by our collective entrepreneurial spirit, we worked tirelessly to perfect the taste and create AWAKE.

What makes AWAKE stand out in the crowded snack market?

Two things:

1) Our fun, irreverent and quirky branding. It features our owl macot Nevil, matte finish and hilarious package copy

2) Unlike other chocolate and granola bars, our snacks gives them the "Energy to Do More Stuff".

What do you do to encourage employee health and well-being in the workplace?

AWAKE is still a young company with an ever evolving culture. We are always looking for ways to encourage our employees to not only be productive but have fun while at work. We offer a flexible work schedule, opportunity to work from home, team events, health benefits, and an opportunity to really have an impact on the companies success.

What are you especially proud of at AWAKE?

For me, it would be the connection we have with the College consumer. The College segment is where we initial launched the AWAKE brand. We are a top three snack product in thousands of college stores across North America. These results have been achieved with a very limited marketing budget. When students find it, they love it and tell friends!

Do you have a social cause that you would like to share?

Entrepreneurship. It may seem like a non traditional cause to choose but it is one we all believe strongly in. We have helped and been helped many times by our fellow entrepreneurs. It is a great community and we are all very happy to see others succeed and help them realize their dreams. We frequently take part in varies events in our local community and also our extended community including our own Universities that we attended.

We really enjoyed the opportunity to speak with Matt, and we hope that you’ll continue voting for AWAKE Granola Bars to be delivered in your office!

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