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Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips

We had the pleasure of catching up with Liza Braude-Glidden, a co-founder of Beanfields Snacks, and we want to share some of the cool aspects of Beanfields that led us to select it as our February Snack of the Month!

What inspired you to start Beanfield’s Snacks?

My husband, Reed, and his brother, Roy, had worked in the natural food industry for 30 years. Reed helped to launch many of the national brands that lead the natural foods market, today. In 2011, Reed and Roy decided that they wanted to launch a brand, themselves. I was a part of the process, from the beginning, but I stepped in as a major contributor by taking their idea for a bean and rice chip and turning it into reality. After emerging from the kitchen with the first batch of home-made chips, we realized that we had a high-quality product that could make a real difference.

What makes Beanfields stand out in the crowded snack market?

The excellence of our snacks. Our bean chips remain as close-variants of our original recipe. The quality and consistency of our product is a major differentiator. Our bean chips are great options for consumers looking for delicious vegan and gluten-free snacks. And we keep things fresh by innovating with award-winning flavors!

What do you do to encourage healthy snacking in your workplace?

At present, our team is still at a size where we can office out of our home. So, we are able to provide organic, high-quality snacks straight out of the kitchen! We offer a variety of foods to our employees, but our bean and rice chips are definitely a favorite!

What are you especially proud of at Beanfields?

We are proud of Beanfields’ recognition as a B Corp company. This is meaningful to us as we meet third-party standards for sustainability and accountability. The vision of the B Corp recognition is to use business as a force for good. We use the term “kinder prosperity” to describe Beanfields’ approach: we strive to make a profit and a difference at the same time. These efforts include working to raise the minimum wage in Los Angeles and offering a deposition in defense of GMO-labeling in Vermont.

Do you have any social cause or mission you’d like to share?

At the core of our business is the idea that beans are vastly superior for people and the environment. We want to promote a better understanding of this crop’s value, and we hope that Beanfields Bean and Rice chips play a key role. People don’t want empty calories. So, our bean chips are designed to have great protein and fiber. We want to satisfy peoples' desire to feel good about their snacks in three ways: nutrition, taste, and company values.

We loved getting to learn more about Beanfields Snacks, and we recommend that you vote for them in your next snack survey!

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