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That's It Fruit Bars

We talked with a representative from That’s It to learn more about their company and their mission. Here is what we learned:

What inspired you to start That’s It?

While attending medical school, Lior Lewensztain realized the huge positive health impact he could have on people by formulating a nutrition bar made of just fruits and vegetables. Lior founded That’s It in 2012 and he is still involved with the company today as CEO. The goal of That’s It is to provide a snack bar with minimal ingredients that helps people consume more fruits and vegetables.

What makes That’s It stand out in the crowded snack market?

The minimal ingredients in the bars really sets us apart. That’s It was founded on the principle of minimal and clean ingredients. Although other companies may be turning that way now, it wasn’t their initial and primary goal.

What do you do to encourage healthy snacking in your workplace?

We get to eat as may That’s It bars as we’d like. We also make many other healthy snacks available to employees.

What are you especially proud of at That’s It?

We are proud of our diverse range of customers. We get lots of feedback from people thanking us for the product and letting us know that they are using our bars to supplement their nutrition. We have a healthy snack that tastes good and is consumed by 2 year olds to 90+ year olds.

Do you have any social cause or mission you’d like to share?

We promote eating real food. We want to make it easier for folks to consume their daily amounts of fruits and vegetables.

You’ll find “That’s It” fruit bars in your next snack survey. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

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