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Eat Your Coffee Bars

Johnny Fayad (co-founder) and some other members of the Eat Your Coffee team recently visited our office. They brought some samples of their delicious Eat Your Coffee Bars and we all loved them! Check out our interview with the Eat Your Coffee team in this #SOTM feature.

What inspired you to start Eat Your Coffee?

Eat Your Coffee began when founders Johnny Fayad and Ali Kothari, then freshmen at Northeastern University in Boston, were tired of waking up late for their 8AM classes without the time for breakfast or, more importantly, coffee. They quickly asked themselves, “Why can’t we eat our coffee?” The answer? Eat Your Coffee. The company’s first product line, Eat Your Coffee Bar, is an energy bar caffeinated with a full cup of real coffee (no synthetic caffeine) and packed with superfoods to nourish and energize. Every bar is organic, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and is available in 3 addictively delicious flavors: Fudgy Mocha Latte, Toasted Coconut Mocha, & Salted Caramel Macchiato.

What makes Eat Your Coffee stand out in the crowded snack market?

We like to say "we have all the buzz words, with the buzz." Eat Your Coffee Bars are organic, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and Fair Trade, so we've got the buzz words, and our bars are crafted with nutritious, real ingredients, so we stack up next to other better-for-you brands on the market. However, with every bar caffeinated with a full cup of real coffee, our bars also bring the buzz. And wIth flavors like Salted Caramel Macchiato, Fudgy Mocha Latte and Toasted Coconut Mocha, Eat Your Coffee Bars are completely irresistible.

It's also important to note that Eat Your Coffee is not looking to replace the morning ritual of drinking coffee (we know that's asking for trouble). Rather, the Eat Your Coffee Bar is meant to be an energizing, nutrient packed alternative to the sugary snacks consumers are currently eating between meals as well as an alternative to the synthetically caffeinated gels, gummies and energy shots currently on the market. Coffee is extremely relatable and the idea of having your favorite Starbucks drink in a bar, that is also so much healthier, is extremely compelling for consumers.

What do you do to encourage employee health and well-being in the workplace?

Eat Your Coffee is all about physical and emotional health. Internally at Eat Your Coffee, we engage in daily "7-minute workouts" to make sure we are staying active and annually, we embark on a company retreat in Vermont for a few days of hiking and team building in the great outdoors. We promote a flexible work environment to ensure employees feel empowered to own their work and can maximize their productivity.

What are you especially proud of at Eat Your Coffee?

We are extremely proud of the fact that we continue to source the highest quality Fair Trade ingredients. As a small company, it can be tempting to cut corners and grow margins with cheaper ingredients; however, we feel strongly that maintaining the quality and integrity of every Eat Your Coffee product is goal number 1.

Do you have a social cause that you would like to share?

We are on a mission to energize life and part of that means supporting the coffee farmers we source from. As a company founded by students, we work hard to continue to give back to these communities through education support.

We think that Eat Your Coffee Bars are a great addition to our snack lineup. If you'd like to learn more, you can visit: Be sure to cast your vote for Eat Your Coffee Bars in your next snack survey!

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