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Healthy Snacks Boost Workplace Productivity

Imagine your workplace without corporate perks such as small snacks. Do you see your co-workers? They are growing increasingly unsettled by the lack of sustenance in their work environment and it shows in their conversations with co-workers, their attitude, and their work. While lunch is typically allowed at the office, that isn’t always enough to keep this office going throughout the day. Around 3-4 pm, once employees’ satisfying lunches have begun to wear off and the dread “hanger” begins to strike, things take a turn for the worst. Team members disagree with each other, frustration and tempers begin to flare, and before you know it, someone throws a desk!

Okay, maybe that is a little too much, but unhappy employees become unproductive employees. This unhappiness produces visible tension in their interactions with others in the office, which can pose problems for any organization.

If Productivity Lacks, Find Yourself Some Snacks

Let’s be honest; it’s difficult to perform at the highest level when you’re hungry. Your brain just doesn’t function to the best of its ability if it does not have the fuel it needs to continue to produce brilliant work. Access to healthy snacks for work will keep everyone in the office engaged and performing, leading to better cohesive goal completion across all departments.

In a study conducted by, 57% of office workers surveyed must buy their own snacks at work.

"1 in 2 employees reported leaving the office on snack or drinks runs for anywhere from 1 to as many as 5 times per day."

Between leaving, breaking their concentration, and attempting to pick back up where they left off, there is a major break in organizational effectiveness and efficiency. A simple key to motivating employees and creating a positive working environment can be as simple as healthy snacks to eat at work.

Happiness Can be Found Through Snacking, Too!

Snacks have been marginalized by some businesses as a non-value-added, extraneous perk. However, these studies reveal that there is substantial benefit captured by offering healthy snacks in the workplace. After all, an unproductive employee can cost the company more money and cost you more of your valuable time. Don’t idly stand by as your office is consumed by hunger and unhappiness. Stand out as a true visionary among your peers by proposing the convenient, healthy snacking options provided by SnackDot.

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