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Pure Organic’s Fruit & Veggie Strip

We want to recognize Pure Organic as April’s Snack of the Month! Veronica Lehman, the founder of Pure Organic, took the time to share with us about Pure Organic’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of their customers and organic farmers. Here are some highlights from her story and vision for the future.

What inspired you to start Pure Organic?

I was inspired by my daughter. She made the decision, at age 6, to commit to a vegetarian diet. To support her, we made a lot of changes to the things we prepared and ate at home, but my greatest challenge was finding good and tasty lunch box foods.

I started by making bars from a combination of nuts and spices, and my kids loved them! Eventually, I also created a fruit snack that was made with fruit and vegetable puree, rather than cane sugar. That was the birth of the fruit and vegetable strip!

What makes Pure Organic stand out in the crowded snack market?

Real ingredients. It is so important to us that our customers can read and recognize the items on our ingredient list.

Not many companies can say that they have the health attributes of our fruit and vegetable strip. Our strips are non-GMO verified, USDA organic, gluten-free, kosher, and vegan. That’s quite a line-up, and we’re proud of the quality that we offer to our customers.

What do you do to encourage employee health and well-being in the workplace?

As a company that seeks to create nutritious snacks, the Pure Organic team is very like-minded in our commitment to a healthy lifestyle. On top of that, we have the great fortune of being a part of the Kashi family of brands.

At our office in the Kashi villa, our team members can take advantage of morning yoga classes, a run club, and an abundance of plant-based snacks. Ultimately, we highly value a good work-life balance.

What are you especially proud of at Pure Organic?

There are several things! We are passionate about our mission of creating foods that enrich the earth and the lives of our customers. Whether it’s the story of a farmer shifting to organic practices or a kid falling in love with one of our organic snacks, these people motivate us to enthusiastically create great products!

I am also very proud of our efforts to encourage and educate customers about the benefits of organic foods.

Do you have a social cause that you would like to share?

We are really excited about Kashi’s Certified Transitional Initiative, a way to support farmers during their three-year journey to become USDA certified organic. The process of becoming a USDA certified organic farm operation is fraught with risk to many farmers. Kashi is committed to coming alongside these farmers and helping to create a marketplace for their crops.

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